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FT Table

Horizontal Formwork (Centering)

FT Table

FT Table formwork system is highly efficient for accelerating the construction of slabs. It is typically consisting of pre-assembled tables with integrated props or scaffolding, providing a stable platform for pouring concrete.

Here are some key points about how table formwork systems facilitate faster construction of slabs:

  1. Rapid Assembly: FT Table formwork systems are designed for quick and easy assembly. The pre-assembled tables can be set up rapidly, minimizing downtime on the construction site.

  2. Reusability: The components of FT Table Formwork systems are durable and reusable, allowing them to be used for multiple construction cycles. This reusability reduces the need for new materials and contributes to cost savings.

  3. Adjustability: FT Table formwork systems are adjustable to accommodate various slab thicknesses and configurations. This flexibility ensures that the formwork can be tailored to the specific requirements of each project, further enhancing construction efficiency.

  4. Improved Safety: The stable platform provided by table formwork systems enhances safety on the construction site. Workers can operate more confidently and securely when pouring and finishing concrete on the level surfaces provided by the tables.

  5. Uniformity: FT Table Formwork systems help achieve uniform concrete finishes across the entire slab surface. The flat and level tables ensure consistent concrete thickness and smoothness, resulting in high-quality finishes.

  6. Optimized Workflow: By providing a systematic and organized framework for slab construction, FT Table formwork systems help optimize workflow on the construction site. This leads to improved productivity and faster project completion times.

Overall, FT Table formwork systems offer a comprehensive solution for accelerating the construction of slabs, making them a popular choice for building projects where speed and efficiency are paramount.

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